Special Report: Value Proposition Design: The Art of Storytelling for Founders

January 30, 2023

Whether you are trying to rally your team, pitch your company to investors, or simply acquire customers, the ability to craft a compelling narrative is crucial. By using storytelling techniques, brands can have a lasting impact that goes beyond just the sale of a product or service and when done effectively, it can lead to customers embracing the brand's story as part of their own identity.

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One of the key themes of the report is changing the way that founders look at their own brand and begin to see it as so much more than the logo or aesthetics of the name. We look at the attitude towards your brand, models that can help guide your thinking, and ways to communicate authenticity and credibility which results in the trust of your customers.

Discover the importance of storytelling for founders and the framework for defining your startup brand. Learn how to craft a narrative that define a clear and compelling problem, whilst offering a unique and viable solution.

Emotion plays a role in all decision making (even investments) so it is important to create a connection with your audience. This can be done by highlighting the personal impact of the problem or by emphasising the potential benefits of your solution.

The report also covers:

  • Why your brand is a story, not a logo
  • The models you should as a communication tools
  • How to craft your narrative for investors
  • The importance of storytelling for growth and how to achieve it

Value Proposition Design: The Art of Storytelling for Founders is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the ways to grow your business. It provides a comprehensive overview of the key focus points, and offers valuable insights into how to achieve maximum success for your business.

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