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Our team has a unique blend of experience you will not find elsewhere, with a unique combination of growth, branding, innovation and acceleration professionals

We are relentlessly focused on exploring, creating, and growing new ventures and digital products.

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JC is the one of the original multi-hyphenates of the digital world. Having worked as head of innovation for Microsoft and setting up their skunkworks teams to deliver award winning work from the likes of Hyundai and Virgin.

He is also a successful entrepreneur having co founded 2 companies in Recast and Unlocked which both revolutionised the media, data and loyalty space.

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Former COO (and previously CMO) at Outlier Ventures, Matt led the advisory service line of this AI, Blockchain and IoT incubator in London.

He also designed and launched the successful Base Camp Accelerator program for the same company.

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Rick Williams


Rick has over 20yrs of industry experience, most recently having spent the last 6 years at R/GA London as Director of R/GA’s Venture Studio in Europe, where he oversaw the creative capital deliverables across all of the startup companies.

Rick also launched the agency’s Business Transformation proposition globally.

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Lindsay Stocker

Operations and Project Director

Working in commercial activation and brand strategy, Lindsay has run multiple top-tier co-branded campaigns involving global talent, creating global PR and implementing cultural zeitgeist movements.

Her experience in working with talent IP brings a unique knowledge in how to bring a brand to life and really connect with an audience through celebrity culture.

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Head of Growth

Tim is an experienced full-stack growth marketer, specialising in web and product analytics, conversion optimisation, content strategy, and feature development.

He has a passion for complex problems and operational efficiency, advising clients on how to achieve maximum engagement by analysing user journey, design, in depth usability testing, creation of user profiles, backlog refinement and prioritisation.

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Yasin Kher

Growth Manager

With a deep passion for the confluence of marketing and engineering, Yasin’s previous roles were on marketing campaigns for Swiss Stadler and for a London startup on fundraising and product-led growth.

He loves growth hacks and data-driven experiments, adjusting product for maximum conversion and engagement and focusing on connecting product design, analytics and growth.

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Yassine Nidaazzi


Yassine is a multi-disciplined designer with extensive experience in content and product design. With an initial background in branding and editorial design, he then moved on to honing his skills in  product and UX / UI design.

His experience in visual and competitor research, content & editorial design, illustration and website building, brings a 360 view on brand creation.

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With a background in events and marketing, Rhia has an in depth understanding of audience engagement and the importance of detail.

Finding her love in graphic, digital and motion design, she is invaluable when working on brand identity visualisation, creation and implementation.

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Charles Ward

UX Lead

A Digital Product Designer, Charles has been working in this space for over 20 years – taking an integral role at every stage of the process from research and strategy to defining problems and opportunities.

He has helped major brands solve complex problems; layering business goals and customer insights in order to create meaningful experiences that differentiate from the competition.

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Shahpour Abbasvand

Design Director

As creative director for over 20 years, Shahpour takes the vision of any client to the next level, with a passion for UI / UX, interaction, motion and creative design.

He’s worked with Nike, Warner Bros and Philips are just some of the projects that have resulted in awards across the design and digital transformation arena.

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