Introducing “How to Growth”

Tim Parsons
August 25, 2023

Growth has evolved since it emerged as a discipline a little over over a decade ago. While the underlying philosophy remains largely unchanged, the digital landscape around it has shifted profoundly.

Clicks are more expensive, tracking users is much harder, and product features, once a bastion of differentiation, are easier to copy than ever before.

How can we possibly deliver the repeatable, sustainable growth we prize when traditional tactics are looking increasingly toothless, and new ones seem to possess the shelf life of an avocado?

How To Growth is a compilation of some of our best attempts to answer that question. While no panacea, it does reflect some of the most useful remedies we’ve uncovered in addressing the challenges facing growth professionals in 2023.


What’s Inside

1. Growth Loops

2. A/B Testing 101

3. Landing Pages

4. How to Prioritise effectively

5. How to run Growth Sprints

6. Event Mapping 101

7. Server Side tracking 101

8. KPI Glossary: Growth Metrics


How to Growth

Aside from updating your tool box, a lot of our approach boils down to revisiting fundamentals. Great creative remains powerful, and despite recent advances AI is still no substitute without a skilled human pilot.

Emerging trends like growth loops and server-side tracking are really just new ways to make data-driven decisions, which should represent more familiar ground.

Similarly, skills like prioritisation and multivariate testing remain evergreen, even if their means of application has changed.

To reflect the overarching themes of rapid change, and resilience in the face of disruption, we’ve chosen a retro-futuristic 60s arthouse theme as the wrapper for the report. We hope at least some of you will appreciate the nod to Tomorrow’s World… 


No product is ever really finished, and we intend to treat this book the same way. If you have any feedback for us, be it positive or otherwise, please do get in touch at

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