Introducing Web3: A Playbook for Growth

October 20, 2023

Web3 businesses face an unrelenting storm of growth challenges in 2023. 

With consumer sentiment cooling and funding avenues freezing over, gaining traction can feel like an uphill struggle. In such a climate, even the most innovative builders need to muster extraordinary resilience and adaptability.

In our latest report, Web3: A Playbook for Growth, we go back to basics, reexamining the central promise of decentralisation in terms of wider trends beyond market volatility. We consider the implications for social media and the creator economy, and offer practical advice around community building, and building out your growth stack. 

What’s Inside

1. What is web3 really about?

2. The Shift from Social Platforms to Social Protocols: Identity

3. ‘The Medium is the Message’ in the age of web3

4. From Community Management to Network Design 

5. Future-proofing Brands with Behavioural Loyalty

6. Plug the gaps in your growth stack; growth tools for the network economy


Ice-fishing for product-market fit

We truly believe that the significance of Web3 goes far beyond the excesses of crypto bro culture, and fluctuations in investor sentiment. 

Misinformed by the above, much of the derision faced by the industry  is rooted in the assumption that Web3 was always just some get-rich-quick, ponzi scheme. Despite an abundance of bad actors, this was never the case. At its heart, decentralisation is just the continuation of the major technology project of the 20th Century; automation. Its true promise lies in disintermediation; wresting back ownership of our data from Silicon Valley behemoths. It’s about building better, fairer ways of organising human activity, as innovative business models like dApps and DAOs lay out blueprints for an economy that rewards creativity and participation.

It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, but spring is coming, and in the deep freeze of today's climate, the seeds of tomorrow's giants are taking root.

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