Special Report: The Future of Reality

April 18, 2023

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As technologies like AI, blockchain, VR, and AR continue to evolve, predicting their long term impact on our lives can seem like a fool's errand. But at Move78, we embrace the challenge of a word salad, daring to imagine the liminal, perilous, and thought-provoking possibilities.

Welcome to the exhilarating, mind-bending world of the “future”

We stand on the brink of paradigm shifts that will reshape how we engage with physical and virtual worlds. Will we reach a point where AI doesn't just shape reality but becomes it? The metaverse, an immersive virtual realm where users connect and interact like never before, is a thrilling story, but has it truly arrived? And what are the implications for society and the economy?

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One of the key themes of the report is looking at what reality currently means to us, how the metaverse is changing and shaping our view on the definition of reality, and what the future holds in this space.

Neural networks and machine learning promise to revolutionise gaming experiences, offering unparalleled immersion and interactivity. Yet, as with any groundbreaking technology, unanticipated hazards lurk. Fear not, though; we won’t let that stop us exploring.

Join us as we delve into cutting edge technology, shed a light on possible futures, and look at the paradigm shifts that lie ahead. Buckle up innovation professionals and technologists, and prepare for an engaging journey into the great unknown.

This report also covers

• The Paradigm Shift - can fish see the water?
• The metaverse - are we there yet?
• How deep is too deep?  How Neural Networks are changing
• What’s your Metaversonality?

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