Future by Design: Essential Strategies for Product Leaders

Tim Parsons
April 23, 2024
"Build not for the applause, but for the sighs of relief."

Our work on the Waterbear platform was recently nominated for a Webby, which was very exciting for the team. However, while this kind of recognition is gratefully received, our approach to product development isn’t premised on winning awards. 

That is not to say that if we end up beating Apple and Spotify we won’t be shouting about it from the rooftops - we obviously will - only that these kind of feedback loops should never become how we define success. As per the quote above, success should be measured in terms of real problems solved for users. This is the MUST of product strategy; awards are a NICE-TO-HAVE.

Future by Design is a curated collection of insights on product strategy from the team at Move78. It explores a wide array of strategic challenges and tactical considerations essential to creating great products. 

  • From Vague Pain to Killer Solution: A guide to navigating the perilous journey from "something's wrong" to "this is exactly what I needed."
  • Your Product Planning Toolbox: The Move78 black box of product planning models and frameworks.
  • The Holy Trinity of User Centred Design: Getting the right foundations in place for success.
  • The Importance of Habits, Routines and Rituals: Discover the magic behind the mundane; how the right habits can transform your team's output.
  • What Comes Next? How to Prioritise: A rough guide to making tough calls on what happens, and what doesn’t.
  • User Testing: How & When To Deploy Different Methodologies: Demystifying the when, why, and how of engaging your users.
  • 6 Hows For Running Insightful User Interviews: Six pro tips for turning a nice chat into a goldmine of insights.
  • Are North Star Metrics Inherently Flawed?: A heretical challenge to Silicon Valley dogma.

The report is by no means an encyclopaedia of everything you need to know about product. Our aim is to capture some of the perspectives we bring to the table, sparking inspiration and provoking thought. We're all about feedback loops at Move78 so please let us know what you think, positive or otherwise.

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