Move78 List: 51 most active UK seed investors of 2023

March 3, 2023

Are you a UK-based startup in the process of fundraising during 2023?


Anyone can research the biggest investors in the UK, but how do you cut through the vast lists presented and target those that are actually looking for new partnerships RIGHT NOW? At Move78 we’ve gone deeper and compiled a list of the most active seed stage investors with all the information you need to simplify your outreach.

Finance is critical. If sufficient investment is made in infrastructure and venture capital is made available, there will be a big improvement in the situation.
- Sanjay Kumar

Our curated list is comprised of investors that will be highly relevant to your business and are ready to invest in 2023. Access our free investor list now from the link below.

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Reach out to us if you’d like feedback on your pitch or have questions around raise mechanics. We always like to hear from inspired founders

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