Scription x Move78

Matt Law
November 11, 2022

We are pleased to announce that we have partnered with the med-tech startup Scription who are pioneering the emerging field of pharmacist-led prescribing. Scription enables anyone to get prescription medicine delivered to your door in as little as 20 minutes. Move78 are advising and supporting the growth and go-to-market strategy for Scription, across product management roadmap and strategy, growth marketing and UI/UX design along with executive advisory and support across the board.

The simple, modern and professional prescription process starts with a free online consultation. Fill out a quick questionnaire, and qualified pharmacists will consult with you through instant messenger, to make sure you get the medication that works for you.

When issued, prescriptions will appear in your account, accompanied by a notification, so you don’t miss a thing. Just select a pharmacy nearby for instant pick up or alternatively opt for immediate delivery. In certain regions, express delivery can have your items with you in as little as 20 minutes, as well as standard postal options.

Scription is powered by local independent pharmacies and has a network of partner pharmacies across London enabling express doorstep delivery, overnight postal as well as pharmacy pick up.

Move78 is a hotshop fusion of creativity, business, tech and capital that helps founders & innovators grow their business. Our studio is here to help you explore, create, and grow your new ventures and digital products. We surf alongside founders and innovators to build growth skunkworks as part of your team.

With Scription Move78 are focused on

  • Growing the user base, with a focus on hyper-local activation
  • Enhancing the patient experience, from consultation through to delivery
  • Building rich business intelligence spanning the patient, prescriber and pharmacist platforms
  • Creating a great experience for pharmacists, and expanding the network of independent partners

JC Oliver, Co-Founder at Move78 said: “we are delighted to be working with Sonny and Charlie and the team at Scription to drive growth in prescriber led prescribing. The concept and experience the team have developed is going to create real value for many people in London and beyond as we scale”

Charlie Howard, CEO at Scription added: “Scription has been in stealth for over a year, and now closing additional financing, as well as delivering our go-to-market strategy we are ready to build the proposition in our beach-head markets, to enable further growth ”

The app is available now on the app store, and is serving customers nationwide with delivery, and across London with a 90 minute express delivery service. Visit the Scription website for more information.

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