Boson launches V2 on Polygon

Matt Law
November 23, 2022

Huge week for the Boson Protocol team at NFT.London by NFT.NYC with the launch of Boson v2, including a new product suite to enable web3 native commerce experiences where anyone can set up a store to tokenize, transfer and trade any physical asset as an NFT.Launching on Polygon Technology, and integrated with Lens Protocol by Aave, XMTP Labs, The Graph, Biconomy, among others the d-commerce system we are supporting on, is a genuine ecosystem of tools and services to enable commerce experiences that anyone can use, and everyone can trust.

Boson opens the door to the physical world and enables you to sell your physical products as redeemable NFTs. Web3 solves many problems and creates many opportunities – but until now, these have been mainly digital and there have been very few integration points with the real world.To demonstrate Boson’s capabilities, a fully decentralized marketplace dApp built on Boson Protocol v2 is also launching, where buyers and sellers can transact trustlessly, using only their crypto wallets.

The app launched late last week with some incredible sellers on board 8SIAN, AUROBOROS, Ecoolska, Fang Gang, The House of Rare, Sunya Collective, The Rebels NFT, and a lot more to comeCongrats to the whole team at Boson, and here is to on entering the era of network growth

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