Waterbear Brand & Interface Design

Igniting activism through design

Developing the WaterBear brand and interface design was an instrumental and exciting challenge for our design and UX teams. The goal for us was to redesign the existing WaterBear application to better reflect the company’s stance as a high quality player in the streaming world, and to visualise the initial shift from passive viewership to activism.



2022 - Present


Services provided



Designing for a vision

The designs we produced played an immense role in the process of defining features, a shared vision, and the technical development of the product. By leading on brand and interface design, Move78 generated full alignment across designs, business requirements, and the backlog, mapping core user flows into full journeys, and identifying UI gaps.


Showcasing stories that matter

Founded by Ellen Windemuth, executive-producer of BAFTA and Oscar-winning documentary My Octopus Teacher, WaterBear Network is a free streaming platform dedicated to our planet and its future. Launched in December 2020, it has become the go-to destination for documentary lovers and viewers that want to turn intent into action.


The redesign ignited a sense of activism among its users. The redesign successfully transformed the existing WaterBear application into a visually appealing and high-quality streaming platform, aligning it with the company's mission to transition from passive viewership to active engagement.] By implementing a component-based atomic design system, the team ensured scalability and flexibility for future content expansion.

Move78 are what every ambitious leadership team needs. They were a true extension of our core group throughout a bold transformation plan, and solved critical problems with us daily. They have been instrumental to our development as a business, especially across product strategy, re-tooling and the redesign of our app experience and our future thinking; all tangible examples of the value they have brought to our company - and the planet.

- Sam Sutaria, CEO, WaterBear

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