SubQuery brand and proposition refresh

The Universal data infrastructure for web3

Move78 collaborated with SubQuery to enhance their proposition and devise a robust campaign strategy for their upcoming token sale. This partnership aimed to align SubQuery's brand positioning with its vision of being the Universal Web 3 data index framework toolkit, while also developing a comprehensive campaign narrative and calendar.








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Services provided

  • Proposition Refresh
  • Campaign planning
  • Messaging Development
  • Memetic Strategy
  • Fundraising Development
  • Campaign Design
  • Brand Refresh


Clarity of message

Defining a clear and compelling proposition aligned with SubQuery's ambitious vision.

Cutting through the noise

Developing a cohesive campaign strategy to drive engagement and participation in the token sale amidst a crowded market.

Creating an actionable token sale plan

We solved how to develop core campaign propositions and brand pillars, and create key messaging and communication strategies for SubQuery’s token sale.


Brand proposition refresh

Move78 collaborated closely with SubQuery to develop a memetic strategy aimed at maximizing the virality and resonance of the campaign messaging. 

By crafting compelling narratives and leveraging user testimonials and social proof, Move78 ensured that SubQuery's messaging would cut through the noise and capture the attention of potential investors and supporters.


Web3 community development and campaign plan

The collaborative efforts between Move78 and SubQuery resulted in a revitalised proposition aligned with SubQuery's vision, a comprehensive campaign strategy, and a roadmap for a successful token sale. 

By leveraging SubQuery's brand personality and narrative arc, the campaign aimed to position SubQuery as the universal data infrastructure for Web3, driving engagement and adoption among developers and investors alike.


Building upon the refreshed proposition, Move78 developed a comprehensive campaign plan informed by SubQuery's narrative arc and calendar outlined in their launch strategy. This involved defining key campaign phases, messaging themes, and creative treatments to engage the community and drive excitement around the token sale.


Refreshed Proposition: A clear and compelling proposition aligned with SubQuery's brand pillars. Comprehensive Campaign Strategy: Defined key phases, messaging themes, and creative treatments to drive engagement. Memetic Messaging: Crafted compelling narratives and leveraged social proof to maximize campaign virality and resonance. This partnership sets the stage for SubQuery to achieve its fundraising goals and solidify its position as a leader in the blockchain ecosystem.




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