Motion graphics in the Metaverse

At Move78 we pride ourselves on working with innovative companies and bringing their vision to life. The launch of the NF.ME for Itheum enabled Move78 to create, develop and implement a film that visually represented the brand, whilst educating the audience on the complex world of data exchange.





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When working on the creative for a launch film, clients often already have a vision in mind. Extracting that idea, making it a reality and developing it to ensure it makes sense to the audience, is often the biggest challenge. Starting with storyboards, we took this development to the next level and built an online world where this vision could be expressed. For any launch film the audio is also key, it brings the story to life and allowed us to impress an emotional angle onto the story. In this case, urgency was important but as the tools are being given to the consumer, empowerment is the overall takeaway.


Manage your data

Following their successful launch, Itheum is now empowering 8 billion people around the world with the means to own and trade their data. Itheum is a Web3 data platform for the Metaverse. The world’s first decentralized, cross-chain data brokerage platform, they are reshaping the concept of data ownership by enabling the creation and exchange of high value personal data sets.


We were able to create a world that visually captured the world of the NF.ME, whilst showing the power that we can have over our own data in the Metaverse. By working with Itheum through the development stage, we were able to help them truly understand how they see their brand and how to engage their audience.

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